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Take your running diary online with an easy to use, private training log. Connect your Strava profile data for an even more enriching experience.

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An inclusive platform built by a runner that allows runners around the world digitise their running logs while maintaining control of their data for the price of a coffee per month.

Features for Athletes

  • Take your offline running log online with a fully supported run diary.
  • View and annotate your Strava data making it more meaningful and personal.
  • Add your race timings with reference links so you never have to search for them again.
  • Multisport compatable. View and annotate your runs, rides, swims, paddles and workouts.
  • Personal dashboard with meaningful stats to and easy access to your logs.
  • Own your own data. We do absolutely nothing with it, it is yours.
  • Allow coaches on the platform to view and interact with your diary.

About Runners Log

Created by a runner, for other runners.

Running Log was created by fellow runner Ian Philip Thompson. It helps fill a gap in the market for a simple service for creating a personal running journal that can be accessed by a coach of your choice. If you don't have a coach, then your journal is just for you.

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Features for Coaches

  • Choose the number of athletes you want to connect with.
  • View your athlete's diary entries and comment directly on them. No more emails or hand written notes.
  • Comment on your athlete's Strava workouts (requires Strava profile to be connected).
  • Create a profile for users on the platform to view and gain more clients (coming soon).

Still have Questions?

Head to our FAQs page for more information to see if Runners Log is right for you.